Rainer came to us with the idea in his mind of a sleek modern kitchen look that he would see in Europe. We were able to fulfill his dreams and the result was spectacular. We here at Dumaguete Kitchen Cabinets can take your dream and make it a reality to, so do not hesitate to contact us anytime for a free consultation and design.

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Rainer’s Sleek Modern Kitchen

Sleek Modern Kitchen Details

Client name Rainer
Location Dumaguete
Purpose Kitchen
Cabinetry style modern
Basebox Matte White Particle Board
Faces Glossy White MDF
Countetops Granite
Hinges Pneumatic & soft close
Drawer sliders Soft close
Handles Brushed stainless steel
Storage accessories N/A
Water protection N/A
Storage windows N/A
Backsplash N/A
Countertop drainage angle
Countertop overhang 150mm
Storage size 3.8 m3
Life Expectancy 15 Years