The creation of a kitchen cabinet starts with an inspiration, a drawing, a picture, a design.

Design is the building block of every project, it is where you decide what you want, the kind of material, the accessories or even the color. When it comes in designing you need to consider a lot of things, your space and the functionality, if you’re the person who is having a hard time choosing the design you want, we offer a wide array of modern and classic designs. You can also seek professional advice to us, so what now? Chose your design now and contact us.



Horseshoe/U shaped Kitchen – is a common kitchen layout, it is designed as one primary cook, where you have your cooking, storing, and sink are all at once in a U-shaped area. This layout might be good in multi-tasking yet sometimes the problem is if you have a small area putting your dining table might be a problem.

Island Kitchen – today, most of the home owners are using this type of layout one because it is on trend and it gives a lot of advantage in terms of storing, space and multi-tasking. This is best if you want to have a quality time with family while cooking because this kitchen design opens a dialogue between the living room and the kitchen.

L-shaped Kitchen – this kitchen layout is the most used layout in every household, with shaped like a letter “L” where appliances and cooking area are positioned on the longer side and the sink in the shorter side with storage cabinets places on the upper and lower part of the kitchen.

One-wall Kitchen – just like the U-Shaped kitchen this is designed to have the cooking, storing, and sink area in one setting yet designed as a vertical working place, with this layout you can have a more sufficient area for your other dining stuff.

Peninsula Kitchen – houses with G or J type floor plan consider this type of kitchen layout because it makes them increase base cabinet storage and utilize the space in their kitchen. This layout can be a combination of “L” or “U” shaped kitchen.


Contemporary style is more alike with a minimalist style, where the use of a few appliances and kitchen wares are involved. This style is great for small kitchens because the fewer wares and appliances you have the more space you can get, so you need to choose wisely appliances and wears that are functional enough in your kitchen. Another, with this style color, plays a main role in a classic combination of brown, black, and white is considered to give a classy and sophisticated approach to your kitchen.

Country – this design is a little bit rustic, with choices of color, lights, design, and wares that go together to give that homey and warm vibe. This type of style is a little bit cozy and is using a traditional cabinet design.

Open Shelving – this can’t be technically considered as a cabinet style, yet open shelving is one of the most popular ways in designating cabinet wherein cabinets is assembled in the upper and lower part of the kitchen to make use of the wall space. This style is best for homeowners with little space.

Traditional Style – by the name traditional it is the most common kitchen style but as the years go by a new trend of a traditional kitchen is emerging, by mixing one design to another. But the concept of employing the details of legs and pilasters on the island, custom wood hood, and other eye-catching design is still present.

Shaker Style – some might be gone out of style but the shaker style is an exemption a combination of traditional and contemporary kitchen style with the use of mostly wood, colorful finishes, and simple knobs the shaker, this style became on trend because of its classic and casual look.

Rustic Kitchen Style – This style is considered by those who wanted to have a simple with a homey vibe kitchen, this is a little bit minimalist with hardwood cabinets with unique patterns, rugged stone floors, and color combinations of preferable white, black, and brown to achieve the countryside or mountain lifestyle

Slab Kitchen Style – this style is a minimal, modern, and clean look with flat cabinets that can be paint or lacquer finished, this style is mostly inexpensive and requires less material and labor. This is ideal if you’re trying to save space in a classy and organized way.

Glass Front Style – This kitchen cabinet design pertains to cabinets with glass covers, this design comes along with all types of color and designs and adds up gloss and sophistication to your kitchen.

Louvered style – this style is commonly seen in the island and decorative cabinets with horizontal; wood slate designs commonly seen in window blinds. This design is great for cabinets that need ventilation.


Medium-density Fiberboard is an alternative to plywood with cheaper cost value. It is made with hard and softwood fibers mixed with some resin and wax. MDF has lesser advantages than plywood yet durability is still guaranteed. Customers who are on a tight budget can still achieve a stylish and durable cabinet by using MDF.

Plywood is the most common material used not only in cabinet making but also in construction. This material can easily be found in every hardware, but customers must be meticulous in choosing what kind of plywood to purchase because its durability differs with its thickness. Plywood is composed of layers of wood joined together in an adjacent layer with glue and heat press, right ratios are easily achieved with this cabinet material.

Particle Board – In most department stores finding cabinets made from particle board is common, cheaper than MDF yet with less durability. Particle board is made with recycled products formed together through pressing and finished with a wood veneer. This type of material is ideal for furniture cabinets, where you store dry goods or other kinds of stuff since this kind of cabinet is sensitive to water and moisture. This might be a less durable material but still ideal for a customer who is good in handling and caring furniture.