Jocelyn and her son Channon Sanders

“we’re very satisfied on their job we definitely recommend this company to other people.”

Rainer Zerna

“the customer service is very responsive if you have question they answer you right away and i think also the people who works the cabinet they seems to be friendly and they know exactly what they’re doing..”

Marvin and his Mother Ely Tan

“the quality work itself, we’re very much impressed my mom is really impressed from the moment that all installed up untill now it’s still durable, very clean and very professional too.”

juergen and donna

Juergen and Donna

“Would definitely recommend Gordon, Shirley, and their team because we’ve been very happy with them. The kitchen is very classy and well designed, they really got my taste.”



“My experience with Gordon’s company is unforgettable, the workers are very trustworthy that I even gave them my house keys during the completion of the construction. The best thing that I would say of why I should recommend them is that they are very transparent, honest, and especially when it comes to quality.”

Margriet and William

“The Canadian experience in making cabinets of Gordon really made us say “GO!”. The architects and engineers have a westernized mind in terms of designing the cabinets.”



“When I look at Dumaguete Kitchen Cabinets I am very confident that they can make my dream kitchen happen, they have a lot of experienced people and that gave me a lot of confidence to put my money there and make sure that it is being built according to design. The team of Gordon is very responsive, the quality of the project is very impressive, and the expertise of the people in DPX made me recommend this company.”