Sibulan Luxury Kitchen

We were pleased to have Engineer Macahig , a well respected local builder, contract with us for his client’s luxury kitchen in Sibulan. Right from the design stage, our team was able to translate this client’s vision into something that could be viewed in drawings and renderings, and then when our operations crew took over, they produced exactly what the client was looking for. The results were spectacular, which you can see form our photo album below

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Sibulan Luxury Kitchen Details:

Client name Engineer Macahig
Location Sibulan
Purpose Kitchen
Cabinetry style Modern
Basebox White Matte Particle Board
Faces Pearl White Glossy MDF
Countetops Quartz
Hinges Pneumatic & soft close
Drawer sliders Soft close
Handles Brushed stainless steel
Storage accessories N/A
Water protection Phenoloc Board Sink Underlay
Storage windows N/A
Backsplash Tiles
Countertop drainage angle
Countertop overhang 150mm
Storage size 14 m3
Life Expectancy 15 Years

Sibulan Luxury Kitchen Gallery