Manufacture Cabinets

Manufacture Cabinets pertains to the process of making your actual cabinet with the use of different
kinds of process such as Cutting, Preparation, and Assembly.

The manufacturing process starts with a piece of wood, and with the given design it was cut in certain shapes with the use of different tools. Cutting might take time depending on the cabinet base of your choice.

The wood or other cut cabinet base materials will now undergo preparation, it is where pieces of wood are being prepared for assembling, wood preparation might be sanding to smoothed the surface of the wood, choosing the color of the stain or paint, cleaning it as well as pre-wetting the wood if you wish to have a water-based finishes are some ways of preparation.

And finally, the assembling of your cut and prepared woods. In this process pieces of wood are being assembled in your desired design, the process in assembling includes putting the wood together, screwing, installation of knobs and many more. If your not familiar enough with the process but wants to have a durable cabinet you need to seek help from professionals, like us. Dumaguete Kitchen Cabinets.