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Ronald’s Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets

beautiful kitchen cabinets

Ronald’s Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets We were fortunate that this client, Ronald, had us do his beautiful kitchens cabinets even though he was fairly far from us over in Negros Occidental. With site measurements given, we designed a functional set of modular cabinets that were then installed simply and easily with a quick trip over to […]

Maria’s Awesome Modular Kitchen

maria's modular kitchen cabinets

Maria’s Awesome Modular Kitchen This client came to us while she was building a new home in Dumaguete, and wanted her modular kitchen to be the showpiece of her house. Our design team sat down with her and came up with a plan to make it just so.After choosing the materials for the boxes, hardware […]

Christine’s Comfortable Country Kitchen

Christine’s Country Kitchen Christine’s country kitchen was fabricated and installed in our cozy little vacation home right beside the ocean in Siquijor, Siquijor. Due to the limited space there was to work with, it was a small but efficient design whcih ended up really adding to the comfortable laid back feel that she was looking […]

Geiger Guest House Stylish Modular Kitchen

dumaguete modular kitchen cabinets

Geiger Guest House Stylish Modular Kitchen The Geigers had DPX Construction build both their main house as well as this guest house on their property in Bacong. Though just a guest house, they wanted to ensure that their modular kitchen was both functional and stylish so that their visitors could enjoy their hospitality properly. The […]

Sibulan Luxury Kitchen

luxury kitchen

Sibulan Luxury Kitchen We were pleased to have Engineer Macahig , a well respected local builder, contract with us for his client’s luxury kitchen in Sibulan. Right from the design stage, our team was able to translate this client’s vision into something that could be viewed in drawings and renderings, and then when our operations […]

Rainer’s Sleek Modern Kitchen

sleek modern kitchen

Rainer came to us with the idea in his mind of a sleek modern kitchen look that he would see in Europe. We were able to fulfill his dreams and the result was spectacular. We here at Dumaguete Kitchen Cabinets can take your dream and make it a reality to, so do not hesitate to […]

Jocelyn’s Stylish Kitchen

stylish kitchen

Jocelyn came to us with a dream. She wanted a spectacular stylish kitchen with “pop” We sat down and designed it with her then and the results ended up being beyond our wildest expectations. If it is time for you to start thinking cabinets, contact us now for a free consultation and in house design. […]

Lucky and Norlyn’s Attractive Kitchen

attractive kitchen designs

Lucky and Norlyn were just getting ready to move into their new home and wanted to have an attractive kitchen to go with the rest of their great house. We designed and built them this great workable kitchen and we are sure they will spend many hours enjoying cooking in this kitchen in their new […]

Pat and Crislyn’s Lovely Custom Kitchen Cabinets

pat and crislyns custom cabinets

Pat and Crislyn were clients who had DPX Construction build there house and with that contract they received custom kitchen cabinets beyond anything they originally envisioned. This project included plenty of upper and lower cabinet space, a spacious island and plenty of  convenient countertop, made form granite. We trust that this American – Filipino couple […]

Hensen’s Beautiful Kitchen

beautiful kitchen

Hensen came into our office one day and we sat down to discuss what it would take to build him a beautiful kitchen. He was looking for a traditional style, highlighted with some special countertop details. We used a Zembrano Matte plywood backed laminate with some quartz stone, accented with a relief band of 4″ […]